Stairway to Wellness is a thoughtfully renovated Center created to encourage the study, teaching, practice and experience of Wellness in a supportive environment.

Wellness is an inside job made manifest by intentional action.

Walking the Stairway to Wellness, One Step At A Time, you can explore what Wellness looks like, feels like, and what it means to You.

Two crystal chandeliers illuminate the original brick stairway, while two solid handrails support your trip to the top. The trip itself can become part of the journey to Wellness.

Everyone is welcome.

As we attend to caring for and maintaining ourselves, we have the opportunity to notice the vital role our mind, our body and our emotions play in our wellbeing or lack of it. We each have the opportunity to use our actions and words to cultivate our higher self.

Stairway to Wellness has a Yoga Studio where various movement/exercise classes are offered including Kripalu Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nia, and Zumba.

Meditation Group and concerts are held in the Gathering Room.

In addition, there is a special Spinning Room for Spinning Classes (indoor group bicycle classes on specialized bikes.)

Weekend workshops and concerts are highlighted under Special Events.

Stairway to Wellness also offers Massage/Bodywork, Counseling and Integrative Therapy which combines Counseling and Bodywork.

We look forward to contributing to your Wellness.

Stairway to Wellness is open during
scheduled Classes, for Events, and
by appointment for Counseling or
Bodywork sessions.